As IngramSanDiego, Eric currently releases beat hip hop on bandcamp and youtube. He is working on a joint album with Trevy James. New single “WHAT’S GOOD remix” can be found here.

Previously, Eric produced music as FURRREAL. As a jazz musician, he played drums and guitar for jazz group Soul Duo along with saxophonist, drummer, and physicist Kevin Crowley. Eric served as guitarist for free improv quartet ERICA, featuring Erika Thompson (guitar, keyboards), Dylan Kario (percussion, computer), and Xin Guan (text message). From 2003-2007, Eric played guitar for metal band Serpentyne.

From 2010-2012, Eric served as Program Director and Classical Music Director at WKCR FM-NY.

Listen to Eric’s 27th Birthday Spotify Playlist, or watch collaborative music videos with Thuto Durkac Somo and Bernhard Fasenfest: Living Legend, Swimming Pools (Tsukamori).